Padma Gloves

Padma symbolises pink lotus blossom floating on the water.

The gloves feature turquoise blue crocodile skin representing water, the palm of the hand is in pink soft leather with solid 18k rose gold pull tabs detailing ELIKA COUTURE emblem made by the hands of greatest French craftsman all symbolising the lotus flower.

Specially knitted Milanese silk for the lining ensures the silk does not ladder if caught on a sharp object. Silk is warm in winter and cool in summer, and superb softness next to the skin, the perfect feeling of luxury.

Elika Az understands the importance of attention to detail, in order to meet expectations of her clientele. The ingenuity of her design allows the Padma gloves to be worn in no less than 3 styles and lengths for different occasions and clothing styles, in both hot and cold climates. This level of flexibility exceeds all expectations.

Padma gloves also comes in different colour combinations and a variety of hides and metals( precious- non-precious), meeting customer wishes.